How To Measure Your Harp

You will need:

  • three pieces of white paper, two of which should be larger than the harp. The third will be used for outlining the base of the instrument
  • a piece of cardboard
  • a black or blue marker/pen

Important! When measuring, make sure to lay the harp on a hard flat surface.

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STEP 1: Lay the harp on its sound box as photographed. Take a piece of cardboard and place it square against the edge of the sound box. Using the pen, transfer the outline of the foot vertically down onto the paper.

Be sure to pull the soft harp cover in closely around the harp. This will give a better and neater outline of the instrument and will result in a perfectly fitted case.
STEP 2: Move the cardboard along the edge of the sound box, continuing to mark the outline vertically down onto the paper.

Remember to keep the soft cover pulled in closely around the harp.
STEP 3: Continue marking the outline up to the start of the harmonic curve.
STEP 4: Continue around the harmonic curve.
STEP 5: Continue this process, starting from the base, as shown.
STEP 6: Complete the perimeter of the harp.
STEP 7: On a separate sheet of paper, lay the harp on its side so that the harmonic curve can be marked down onto the paper, as photographed. Continue the process of squarely marking down the shape all the way around to the top of the harmonic curve.
STEP 8: You should now have two sheets of paper with outlines similar to those shown here.

The final step is to outline the base of the harp down onto the smallest sheet of paper using the same process as before.