Custom Cases

As well as harps, we make cases for many other musical instruments. See the photos below for some examples. We can also provide custom-made flight cases for all kinds of equipment. If you have something valuable that you transport around and need a secure, rigid, lightweight case then contact us with the details.

Special Custom Cases

Case for the Sam Maguire Cup

Sam Maguire Cup

Case for the Heinekin Cup

Heinekin Cup

Case for the FAI Cup


Bagpipes Cases

Bagpipes Case

Brand new case design

Bagpipes Case

Two compartments for extra storage

Bagpipes Case

Measures 28" long x 11" wide x 8" high

Flat Screen TVs and Monitors

LCD Monitor Case

Large LCD TV Screen

Flat Screen Monitor Case

Case with an extendable handle and two recessed corner wheels

LCD Monitor Case

Flight case for a television